REBBL Plant-Based Beverage Startup Raises $10M

REBBL, maker of organic super-herb powered Coconut-Milk Elixirs and Proteins, announced it has closed a $10 million investment that will allow it to expand marketing efforts and bring the benefits of super-herbs to more people. The round, led by Boulder Investment Group Reprise (BIGR), included Powerplant Ventures LP and individual investor John Foraker, president of Annie’s Homegrown.

REBBL is a band of revolutionaries for the greater good. They were born out of a conscious collaboration between global thought-leaders, whose soul purpose was to address the malfunctioning global food system through a regenerative business model that would respect, uplift, and delight the world.

As modern day Botanical Treasure-Hunters grounded in ancient herbal wisdom, their expertise is identifying and gathering the very best the Plant Queendom has to offer. They curate these diverse, ethically sourced whole Roots, Extracts, Berries, Barks, and Leaves into delicious beverages with vibrant flavors that deliver your daily dose of exceptional goodness.

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